Is Managed Services The Best For My Company

Georgia IT Services have come a long way over the past 2 decades that we have been in business. Managed Services benefits our customers in many ways, continue below for a breakdown of some of the common questions we get from prospective customers?

What are some of the ways IT Services Can be priced?

There are 3 main ways in which IT service companies typically price out their services for their customers. These include Hourly Break Fix, Block Hours and Managed Services.

  1. Break-Fix Pricing:

    • This model charges clients only when there is a problem or issue that needs to be fixed.
    • The IT provider charges an hourly rate or a fixed fee per incident.
    • Clients pay for support on an as-needed basis, making it suitable for businesses with infrequent IT issues.
    • Some of the Negatives of Break-Fix pricing: it can lead to unpredictable costs for clients and may incentivize the IT provider to prioritize quick fixes over long-term solutions.
  2. Block Hours Pricing:

    • In this model, clients purchase a predetermined number of hours in advance, which they can use for IT support as needed.
    • The IT provider typically offers these hours at a discounted rate compared to the standard hourly rate.
    • Clients benefit from cost savings and predictable expenses, and they have a certain level of flexibility in using the hours.
    • Some of the Negatives of Block Hours: if the purchased hours are not fully utilized within a specified period, they may expire, leading to unused funds.
  3. Managed Services Pricing:

    • Managed services involve proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support of IT systems for a flat monthly or annual fee.
    • The IT provider takes responsibility for the client’s IT infrastructure, ensuring its reliability, security, and performance.
    • Pricing is often tiered based on the size and complexity of the client’s environment and the level of service required.
    • Clients benefit from predictable costs, proactive maintenance, and rapid response to issues, leading to increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime.
    • There is no secret this may be our favorite way to serve our clients, the negative for the client is the required investment is usually more than the previoud methods however the benefits war out way the 
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What is Kaptechs perferred way to price IT Services?

Kaptechs perfers to price IT Services in a Managed Services format. Not only does this allow for predictable billing for our customers, but it also allows us to formulate a custom IT offering for your entire business to ensure your data is protected, employees can work efficiently, and you can grow your business.

We find the other 2 ways to support IT Services in Georgia allow for too much gray area. Customers could feel like we are covering a specific service for them however those are often not included in Hourly or Block hours which leaves our customers vulnerable to bad actors or malware. We believe in designing a IT solution for your business and covering your entire business technology needs.

Now that we know what IT Managed services is and we know Kaptechs perfers this type of offering, Lets dig into deep on what IT Manage Services can do for your company

1. Cost Predictability:

  • Kaptechs Managed services offer a fixed monthly or annual fee, allowing customers to budget accurately for their IT expenses.
  • Eliminate the unpredictability of break-fix models or unexpected IT emergencies that can lead to high, unplanned costs.

2. Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring:

  • With Kaptechs managed services, our team proactively monitors your IT infrastructure round-the-clock.
  • Kaptechs will identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly downtime, preventing disruptions to your business operations.

3. Enhanced Security:

  • Security threats are constantly evolving, making it challenging for businesses to stay protected.
  • Kaptechs has implemented robust security measures, including firewalls, antivirus software, and regular security updates, to safeguard your data and networks.

4. Access to Expertise:

  • You will have access to the Kaptechs team of experienced IT professionals with diverse skill sets and expertise.
  • Kaptechs technicians are available 24/7 to provide support and guidance, ensuring your IT needs are addressed promptly and effectively.

5. Focus on Core Business Goals:

  • Outsourcing IT management allows your internal teams to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives.
  • Reduce the burden on your staff, freeing up time and resources to drive innovation and growth within your organization.

6. Scalability and Flexibility:

  • Managed services are scalable to accommodate your business’s evolving needs, whether you’re expanding, downsizing, or adopting new technologies.
  • Easily adjust your service level or add new services as your requirements change, without the hassle of renegotiating contracts.

7. Improved Productivity and Efficiency:

  • Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with proactive maintenance and rapid issue resolution.
  • At Kaptechs our proactive approach ensures that your IT systems run smoothly, allowing your employees to focus on their tasks without disruptions.

8. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements:

  • Stay compliant with industry regulations and data protection standards, such as GDPR or HIPAA, with the help of Kaptechs where we understand the requirements and can implement appropriate measures.

In Conclusion……

Kaptechs managed services will provide cost savings, proactive support, enhanced security, access to expertise, and scalability for businesses of all sizes.


Ready for next steps?


Lets get to the numbers... How much will this cost my company?

Before we get to the numbers, lets first understand that IT Managed services is an investment in your business. You have decided to move away from the break fix (Reactive) world of IT where downtime exist, and employees lose efficiency. You have decided you want to make sure your trusted partner is going to take care of ALL of your technology needs. You have also decided your business data is worth WAY more than you currently pay for IT and that a increase in your investment is worth it to ensure your data is safe and secure.

With all that said lets move on to the Managed Service Pricing....

Manage Service Pricing

Below is a few simple questions we use to help get a general idea of what your IT Managed Services will cost. Please keep in mind, this is an estimate only and since we tailor our IT Managed Service offerings to you as our customer, prices are subject to change once we get to know your business needs.

    Until we get to know your business better, this is just an estimate. If you would like a detailed proposal, please fill out the information below and we will be in touch!