Kaptechs Client Resources

Please find below a series of resources available to you as our client

How do we get support?

Emergency Request Only: 678-348-6438

All other requests please submit through your Kaptechs Support App on your desktop

Why do we ask our clients to use the app versus email in to support?

We understand most people still like to email their support team with requests. However, we believe once you use our Support App for the first time you will understand the tremendous value it is. Not only does our built in AI attempt to provide you with a resolution to common requests up front, it also helps in guiding you through collecting helpful information so that our team can better help you without going back and forth via email asking for clarification or additional information.

We really like to geek out in our app, once we learn more about your business we can customize the app to include custom onboarding and termination forms that suit your specific business to make the new hire process and termination process a breeze, ensuring that all your IT requirements are ready to go.