Businss VoIP Phone Service in Georgia

Traditional phone systems are not only expensive to purchase, they also come in with high monthly phone bills. Let us move your phone system to the cloud, leverage VoIP and save you money on your phone services in Georgia.

What is VoIP and why is it cost effective?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows voice communication and multimedia sessions over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. It is cost-effective because it reduces the need for separate voice and data networks, lowers long-distance and international call costs, and often includes additional features like voicemail and conferencing without extra charges.

What will I get with Kaptechs VoIP?

We can custom design your VoIP package to include any feature you can think of that would be tied into your VoIP system. Below are some of the core features we typically include:

  • Voicemail to email
  • Automated attendant
  • Music on hold
  • Call Recording
  • Follow me when out of office
  • Conference calling
  • 365 Integrations
  • Many more features depending on your business needs

Why should we choose VoIP over traditional phone service?

VoIP systems are highly scalable, making them ideal for growing businesses in Georgia, and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, providing unmatched flexibility and mobility. Aside from the lower cost to traditional phone service, the advanced features you gain from VoIP will improve business efficiencies by simply reallocating your investment to a new phone service in the cloud.

Kaptechs VoIP Sounds like a solution for my business, whats next?

Give us a call or shoot us a message on our contact form and we can schedule a brief discovery call to see if we are the right fit to help your business move to Kaptechs VoIP